Your eye care practitioner can help you decide, but here are some general guidelines.

Laser vision correction should not be performed if:


  • Glaucoma, infection, cataracts, severe dry eye or any other condition that would affect postoperative healing.
  • Age 18 or younger(with so
    me exceptions).
  • Unstable vision before surgery.
  • If you’repregnant or nursing, your hormonal levels can affect the shape of your eye. You’ll need to wait until your hormones are back to normal levels.
  • Degenerative or autoimmune disease, since this would affect healing.
  • Thin cornea (with some exceptions)

Cataract surgery should not be performed if:

  • The patient does not desire surgery
  • Glasses or other visual aids provide functional vision satisfactory to the patient
  • The patient’s quality of life is not compromised
  • The patient is medically unfit
  • The patient has concomitant disease where functional improvement is unlikely